Empowering Messengers of Truth

We are a diverse group of women and followers of Jesus Christ.

Our individual professions and ministries merged as we formed a casual accountability group
to help us get our four messages out in a published book form.

With the speed and synergy resulting from the formation of this group,
we were amazed to watch God’s hand in moving our messages out by multiplying our influence.

After only 5 months of time, we were traveling and speaking together, had written the book Collective Brilliance,
and had launched Rooftop Publishing, a company to help other’s leave a legacy they’ll love.

Blessed with a bright love for Christ’s gospel, our families, and our brothers and sisters around the globe,
we have combined our resources and efforts to help others fulfill their call to proclaim messages of truth From the Rooftops.

Christine VanWagenen lives her life with uncommon exuberance. She has dedicated her life to serving women in her family, community, and throughout the world. She strives to utilize and share all her divine gifts. This helped her gracefully raise six children, own and operate a cooking school, serve with her husband on two missions in Asia, and bravely return to university studies after a 33-year hiatus to earn her Bachelor’s degree. Her anticipated book, “Possibilities; Press Forward with Purpose and Joy” strives to guide readers to discover new life and purpose through ministering in the Savior’s way.

Chaplain Gigi Turley, a God-loving Peruvian, is a passionate teacher and cheerleader of life. Her unique power of discernment offer insightful gems of wisdom that weave into every aspect of her professional and family life. Gigi is the author of “Soy de Naturaleza Divina” {I’m of Divine Nature), a children’s book and her soon to be released “The Mantle of the Matriarch.” Her empower­ing courses “Find the Peace Within” and “Spiritual Connection” help women unfold their purpose in life and find joy in womanhood.

Roxanne Thayne is practically famous for contagious enthusiasm for any­thing good. Her work as an educator, marketing/PR director, and disciple of Christ, promotes beautiful, faith-filled living. Her book “Jewels in Your Pocket: How to Comfortably Share Your Faith Through the Power of Personal Stories,” convinces even timid Christians they too can testify of God’s goodness. She loves sparkly things like jewelry, chande­liers, and conversation. She and her husband Tim live and work together 24/7 with their five children in Lehi, Utah.

People watcher, hopeful pianist, and author of “From the Embers,” Stephanie Francom juggles coaching, writing, and speaking with her ad­venture of choice: motherhood. She is an aspiring hiker, mother of seven and grandmother of the cutest Littles on the planet. The completion of her master’s degree with an emphasis on womanhood, her founding of a non-profit organization, Art of Womanhood, and her daily walk reveal her passion for the family. “From the Embers:  Five Steps to Rise to Your Full Potential” illustrates her personal mission to inspire others to live on purpose and to empower them to share the truth in their hearts from the rooftops.”

Announcing the Arrival of...

Collective Brilliance: Spark Ideas, Build Faith, and See Your Ministry in a Whole New Light.

When did you come to believe that it was all up to you? Or up to your own smarts, resources and grit to make a difference in the world?

Well, whenever it was, that faulty thinking has overwhelmed and stopped far too many of us from fulfilling our God-given callings to do, reach and be more. By utilizing the power of Collective Brilliance, the authors will help you:

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