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“Here’s the thing. The book that will most change your life is the one you write.” --Seth Godin

Dark Days and Silver Linings: Rewriting Our Hardships to Brighten Tomorrow

A gift for yourself or others who are struggling, whatever the cause.  A beautiful writing tool and video tutorials to capture, make sense of and find purpose in our trials.


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We offer author consultations and project packages to help you–no matter where you are on the publishing journey–to bring your book to completion in bookstore-worthy fashion.

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We allow our authors to have as much input on the typesetting and cover design as desired.

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We provide an early evaluation of the manuscript and proofing before the publication of accepted works.

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We specialize in smoothing out the inevitable publishing bumps and timelines, so you can focus on the creative.

Assigned Publishing Assistant

We provide one point of contact guide for you in this hybrid publishing journey.

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We preserve the life-long learning, stories, photos and spirit of your message and legacy.

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Our professionals ensure that your legacy receives more than a spiral binding at the local copy store.

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Collective Brilliance

Spark Ideas, Build Faith, and See Your Ministry in a Whole New Light
(trade paperback, audio book, ebook)

Esplendor Collectivo

Adquiere Ideas, Aumenta Tu Fe, Y Mira Tu Ministerio, Con Una Nueva Perspectiva
(trade paperback, ebook)

Jewels in Your Pocket

How to Comfortably Share Your Faith Through the Power of Personal Stories
(trade paperback, ebook, audiobook)

From the Embers

Five Steps to Rise to Your Full Potential

Dark Days &
Silver Linings

Rewriting Your Hardships to Brighten Tomorrow (journal)

Onward Ever Onward

A Legacy of Faith, Love, and Service
(by special order only)

Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought

(Hardback, Paperback, Ebook, Audiobook)

Listen: Be Still and Know that He is God

(Coming Soon - $15.99)

Praise God: Miracles Experienced by a Grateful Family

Coming Soon

Small & Significant: The Miracle of God's Hand in Our Lives

(Coming Soon - $15.99)

Firm: We've Built our Foundation on Jesus

(Paperback - By Special Order Only)

"These things write we unto you, that your joy may be full." -- 1 John 1:4

About Us:

The creation of a small publishing company was not the original goal.  

In the beginning, we were simply a group of four writers who were on a mission to get our passions and personal ministries out in book form.  

As professionals from varied fields, we had written everything from master’s thesis’, marketing materials, websites, manuals, books, curriculum, presentations, articles, children’s books, newsletters, family histories, and years and years’ worth of personal journals.

But we each felt we had a book in our hearts that just begged to be written.

In 2018 we formed an accountability group to share our ideas, resources, connections, feedback, and enthusiasm for one another’s pet projects.  

Within five months we were shocked and humbled at what we were able to accomplish individually by using our weekly group meetings. 

When we tired of referring to one another as “my accountability group,” we became From the Rooftops. The name matched our natural enthusiasm for sharing our Christ-centered messages in a big and beautiful way. 

Not wanting to keep the synergy and excitement to ourselves, we decided to share our success story in a combined book Collective Brilliance:  Spark Ideas, Build Faith, and See Your Ministry in a Whole New Light.

Much of what we had seen in the publishing world lacked the spirit of our messages, and some traditional publishers either wanted their authors to come with a following or to control when and how the books came together.  

Self-publishing or printing companies could work with us on our paper and print needs but weren’t able to guide us on the content and branding of our projects.

While we didn’t need our books to become bestsellers, we did require them to be filled with excellent content and presented in an attractive and professional way. 

Our books would be part of our personal legacies and we were committed to putting in the time and resources to make sure they reflected our best work.

With that Rooftop Publishing was born.  We knew how to assemble a like-minded team and identified attorneys, accountants, digital marketers, graphic designers, illustrators, typesetters, printers, and editors who were also inspired by the mission to produce books that built faith in Christ.

Since that time we have published our own works, conducted writer’s workshops and consulted other writers on their dream books.

Our mission is to help you get your message out to the world.  Whether that’s just printing enough copies to go under the Christmas trees of family and friends, or using it as a tool to launch your personal brand and ministry. 

We exist to help you and your story build faith in your readers.

All yours,

Stephanie Francom
Roxanne Thayne
Gigi Turley
Christine Van Wagenen

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We’d love to hear a little about you and your project:

Collective Brillance

(trade paperback, audio book, ebook)

When did you come to believe that it’s all up to you . . . and your own smarts, resources and grit to make a difference?

Whenever it was, that faulty thinking has overwhelmed and stopped far too many of us from fulfilling our God given callings to do, reach and be more. By utilizing the power of Collective Brilliance, the authors will help you:

• Discover how your interests and passions aren’t just personality, but spiritual gifts
• Escape negative self-talk, and take the first steps to fulfill a meaningful calling
• Choose to involve others and enjoy the synergy, support and accountability they offer
• Watch how your personal ministry blesses your family now, and leaves a legacy forever

Esplendor Colectivo

(trade paperback, audio book, ebook)


Cuando haya sido, ese erróneo concepto nos ha abrumado a demasiados de nosotros e impedido que cumplamos los llamados que nos han sido dados por Dios para que hagamos, alcancemos y seamos mucho más de lo que somos. Por medio del poder del Esplendor colectivo las autoras te ayudarán a:

• Descubrir que tus intereses y pasiones no solo conforman tu personalidad, sino que son dones espirituales
• Escapar del diálogo interno negativo y tomar los primeros pasos para que cumplas un llamado significativo
• Observar la forma en que tu ministerio personal bendice a tu familia ahora y deja un legado para siempre
• Optar por involucrar a otras personas y disfrutar de la sinergia, el apoyo y la oportunidad de rendir cuentas que ellas ofrecen

“Cuando éramos niños se nos enseñó que 4 x 1 = 4, pero cuando la ecuación incluye a cuatro brillantes mujeres que combinan sus fortalezas dadas por Dios, entonces 4 x 1 = Esplendor colectivo. De manera energética, las autoras muestran la forma en que rendir cuentas a un grupo puede estimular una sorprendente sinergia espiritual. Es una lectura esclarecedora para los que procuren definir y desarrollar un ministerio personal”.

—Lynne Perry Christofferson, compositora y autora de Sisters Arise

“Dado que he descubierto mi ministerio y he compartido la rendición de cuentas con edificantes mujeres durante más de ocho años, me fascina el concepto del esplendor colectivo. Con la ayuda de un equipo solidario e inspirado somos más fuertes, más valientes y más conscientes”.

—Karen Broadhead, fundadora y directora de Mothers Who Know

I Am of Divine Nature


I Am of Divine Nature is a truth that every child needs to be taught.  

Now that truth is also a beautifully illustrated children’s book that allows parents, grandparents, and teachers to lovingly share this gospel principle in a way that young ones will learn to confidently answer the questions:

-Who am I?

-Why am I here?

-What is my purpose on earth?

-How are my gifts and talents connected to my existence?

A wonderful way to both invite the spirit and strengthen your relationships all during the comfort of “story time.”

Jewels in Your Pocket

(trade paperback, ebook, audiobook)

Why is it that we can love Christ’s Gospel, yet feel so inadequate in our ability to talk about it?

Lacking a degree in theology, a resume of missionary service, or a knack for public speaking, we worry that our offerings will be weak at best, or misunderstood at worst.

Fortunately, we can learn how to authentically share the strength, joy , and meaning we’ve found in God and His goodness by using our signature collection of life experiences.

In this delightful book, Roxanne Thayne combines a life long love for the gospel, with years as a professional educator and storyteller, to shift our mindset from fear to enthusiasm in sharing our testimonies.

Encouragement and confidence are found in this inspiring assortment of stories and tips to help readers:

  • trust that ministering happens naturally through meaningful conversation;
  • discover how the Spirit brings things “to our remembrance” and gives us the courage to share;
  • learn to mine for appropriate stories in both the highlights and lowlights of our lives;
  • utilize the three C’s of good storytelling:  clarity, color, and connectivity;
  • find joy in knowing how to relate with anyone anywhere

A book perfectly suited to the timid-Christian, Jewels in Your Pocket can expand the way we bless others with the treasures we carry.

From The Embers


You can’t change. You’ve tried before and failed. Things never go right. Life is always beating you down. You’ll never get ahead. Have you ever felt like this? Lived like this? . . . It doesn’t have to be this way.

During a five-year “Gethsemane,” it took a memory, a stranger, and divine intervention for Stephanie Francom to discern a path to finally move. She began a powerful, personal journey that helped her to recognize her own toxic thinking, how to remove it from her life, and the new thoughts that would create what she wanted most.

With a genuine heart, candid openness, and real-life examples, Stephanie offers a captivating approach to help each of us:

• Discern the limiting beliefs that are holding us back
• Reduce our sabotaging thoughts to ashes
• Clean out our “toxic” physical space to prepare room for monumental growth
• Determine what we want most and cultivate new seeds of creation
• Unlock the greatness and purpose that is already inside of us
• From the Embers is for the independent businessman, the creative homemaker, the courageous single mother, the experienced grandfather, the fatigued mother of young children, the idealistic college student, and every individual in between who wants to break free from limiting beliefs and create a new life.

Through the compelling analogy of a forest fire, Stephanie walks with her readers on their own healing journeys to shed their false beliefs and rise deliberately and triumphantly from the embers.

Dark Days & Silver Linings


A gift for yourself or others who are struggling, whatever the cause.  A beautiful writing tool and video tutorials to capture, make sense of and find purpose in our trials.

Onward, Ever Onward: A Legacy of Faith, Love, and Service

Onward Ever Onward: A Legacy of Faith, Love, and Service.

This compilation of stories from the John Peter Rasmuss Johnson family are beautifully cataloged to allow us to discover and honor our ancestor’s strengths, character, and unity. Readers will rejoice as they learn of and lean into their strong family ties.

Their stories carry us along . . . until we meet again!

Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought

(Hardback, Paperback, Ebook, Audiobook)

The biggest lies you will ever hear are in your head, masquerading as your own
thoughts. Unfortunately, most people do not recognize these intrusions for what they actually are nor where they’re coming from. As a result, many of us berate
ourselves for the negative states of mind that derail our devotion and weaken our faith, and therefore needlessly struggle to dispel them.

Pointedly, we can’t win the battle if we’re fighting the wrong foe.

“Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought” will:

  • Alert you to the prevalence of Satan’s ploys and the specific tactics he uses against you.
  • Provide you with the mental skills to unmask “the liar within” and arm you with tools to repel him.
  • Encourage you to put greater trust in the promises of the Lord and strengthen your faith in obtaining them.
  • Inspire you to sanctify the Lord God in your heart by looking unto Christ in every thought.

Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought


Genevieve’s prolific stories have been safely tucked away for over 25 years. Her family decided that now is the time to bring her works of wisdom and inspiration back into the light.

In this collection of stories authored over several decades, her own history is revealed. These narratives share Christian values, encourage faithful living, and testify with love. Many of these stories have been read by thousands in the early issues of The Improvement Era and Relief Society magazines.

Although she never intended to compile these stories into a published book, it is now our honor to do so. It is truly a legacy she would love.” List it as “Coming Soon” rather than “Sold Out”. List the price as $24.95