Looking Unto Christ In Every Thought: Defeating Fear, Doubt, & Discouragement


The biggest lies you will ever hear are in your head, masquerading as your own

thoughts. Unfortunately, most people do not recognize these intrusions for what
they actually are nor where they’re coming from. As a result, many of us berate
ourselves for the negative states of mind that derail our devotion and weaken our
faith, and therefore needlessly struggle to dispel them.

Pointedly, we can’t win the battle if we’re fighting the wrong foe

“Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought” will:

  • Alert you to the prevalence of Satan’s ploys and the specific tactics he uses against you.
  • Provide you with the mental skills to unmask “the liar within” and arm you with tools to repel him.
  • Encourage you to put greater trust in the promises of the Lord and strengthen your faith in obtaining them.
  • Inspire you to sanctify the Lord God in your heart by looking unto Christ in every thought.