Jewels In Your Pocket: How to Comfortably Share Your Faith Through the Power of Personal Stories


Why is it that we can love Christ’s Gospel, yet feel so inadequate in our ability to talk about it?

Lacking a degree in theology, a resume of missionary service, or a knack for public speaking, we worry that our offerings will be weak at best, or misunderstood at worst.

Fortunately, we can learn how to authentically share the strength, joy, and meaning we’ve found in God and His goodness by using our signature collection of life experiences.

In this delightful book, Roxanne Thayne combines a life long love for the gospel, with years as a professional educator and storyteller, to shift our mindset from fear to enthusiasm in sharing our testimonies.

Encouragement and confidence are found in this inspiring assortment of stories and tips to help readers:

• trust that ministering happens naturally through meaningful conversation;
• discover how the Spirit brings things “to our remembrance” and gives us the courage to share;
• learn to mine for appropriate stories in both the highlights and lowlights of our lives;
• utilize the three C’s of good storytelling, clarity, color and connectivity;
• find joy in knowing how to relate with anyone, anywhere.

A book perfectly suited to the timid-Christian, Jewels in your Pocket can expand the ways we bless others with the treasures we carry.