Dark Days and Silver Linings Journal: Rewriting Our Hardships to Brighten Tomorrow

Some challenges we can see coming from miles away. Others take us by complete surprise. Some hardships are interminable, and still, others strike quickly and leave us with unwanted aftermath.

Our tests, however, will result in nothing more than grinding hardship unless we pause . . . capture the story . . . and learn from the experience of having lived it.

This journal was created to help us, as authors, record and emerge refined by our earthly experiences. It will help you

  • Capture the details of your hardship
  • Identify the blessings and truths you relied on to weather the storm
  • Testify of God’s hand in supporting throughout
  • Organize your thoughts and feelings
  • Create a personalized roadmap for use in future dark days

Perhaps even more important than increasing our own spiritual sensitivity, personal awareness, and wisdom, these experiences allow us to become trusted guides to our loved ones in their current or future dark days.

What a blessing it is to be able to lead others to their own silver linings.